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Sunday School Lessons

6th through 12th grade youth
“Spread of the Gospel” - Sometimes we need to take a look at who we include in our church community, who we teach, who we love, and then choose to reach farther. God doesn’t exclude people and we should include everyone in God’s family. If anyone is drawn by the gospel, they are welcome in the kingdom of God.
     On the theme of love and inclusion, check out this video “Love One Another” by Newsboys.
     Spread the Gospel Leader Guide

SONG OF THE WEEK - This week, our song is ‘"Faith" -  Remember that as we hold on to our faith, God is holding on to us. Click here to try it out! 

“Coronavirus, A Book For Children” - This book hopes to simply and thoughtfully answer key questions kids may be asking their parents and  guardians about the COVID-19 outbreak. If you find it helpful, take some time to read this as a family. Click here to take you to a PDF of the book. It is also available on Apple Books and for Kindle.

“You Are Special” by Max Lucado. Natalie Boehne shared this with the children’s choir, and we thought this would be a wonderful story to share! Natalie says: “Here’s a link to a story I think is so beautiful and important for our Children to hear. I've read this book to my kids many times. Each time, I think of how much I want to share this out to the CCLC family. If you're not already familiar with You are Special, please take a moment to show it to your children. It's a beautifully written and illustrated book, and is narrated on YouTube.” Thank you Natalie! If any of you have things like this that have been special for your family and you’d like to share them, send them to Jamie at .

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