Community of the Cross Lutheran Church

Welcome to Community of the Cross!

We are proud of our facility and are always willing to share it with our congregation and our friends in the community. We are located in Bloomington on the corner of Old Shakopee Road & Bloomington Ferry Road (1/2 mile east from 169).

Our space is primarily used for our Children's Ministries, Youth Ministry, Worship and Music programs.  However there are many times during the week that our space is not being used and is available to others outside of our church.

Facility Usage

Community of the Cross offers its congregation and the community the ability to use/rent our space. Certain restrictions and rental fees may apply. 

All rooms are rented for a 3-hour minimum.  Fees after 3 hours will be charged a fee for each additional hour of use.  
Additional custodial fees apply when usage time is outside of normal custodial hours. The rooms that we have available and the minimum fees are:

Large Activity Room - $150
Large Activity Room w/Kitchen Use - $175
Classrooms - $100
Conference Room - $100 

For detailed information on using our space or to rent our space, please see the Building Use Application and return it to the office.  All applications for facility use are processed on a first-come, first serve basis.  If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact the church office.

Community of the Cross Lutheran Church

10701 Bloomington Ferry Road - Bloomington, MN 55438
Phone: 952-941-1247

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